Economic Stability

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Programs connect families to coaches and resources that help build the foundation for financial self-sufficiency.

Investing in our Community

Working with our local partners to establish supports and financial resources for our local community..

SFS Economic Stability Data

The Vision

Educational partners work closely with the business community to ensure tomorrow’s workforce is prepared for tomorrow’s economy. Barriers to children learning are removed.

Data-Driven Community Planning

Source For Siouxland collects, organizes, and shares Educational data that GCC’s partners and Focus Groups use to establish community priorities, align efforts, and implement strategies that will achieve our shared vision and improve our community data.

Economic Stability Initiatives

GCC is part of the Nebraska collaborative working to move the child welfare system to a child and family well-being system that utilizes the expertise of families with lived experience to create communities that support and empower families, keeping children safe.  

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Childcare remains the leading reason parents who wish to work outside the home are often unable to, and contributes to area workforce shortages and absences. GCC collaborates with nonprofits, employers, childcare providers, and parents to seek innovative and sustainable solutions that works for families. .

In an effort to better-inform our community’s most vulnerable residents, GCC partners developed several methods to get current information to the community, including multilingual newscasts available via podcast and an electronic messaging system with TVs at key sites accessible to residents who are likely to miss key information: English language learners, those without internet connectivity, individuals with mental health challenges or other disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness. The information is similar to GCC’s Hot Topics and can be updated instantaneously.

GCC through our community response connects families to both financial and educational resources that help them become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. For more information on Community Response or to make a referral, Click to contact                                

Community Response Application

South Sioux City 
Community Schools

Full-Service Community Schools provide comprehensive academic, social and health services for students, students’ family members, and community members that will result. in improved educational outco​mes for children. GCC and South Sioux City Schools are growing this model in two elementary schools in 2021.  

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