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Partners collaborate on stopping human trafficking, building a culture of welcoming and inclusion, and providing safe programs for youth.

Safety Initiatives

New driver education was once a staple in high schools throughout the state, and every young driver had the opportunity to learn this essential skill in a safe, free environment. As funding changed and driver programs left schools, many students lost their only opportunity to learn to drive. Additionally, our communities are welcoming more and more newcomer adults from countries where driving personal vehicles is not commonplace. In our community of limited public transportation, learning to drive is essentially a requirement to get to most workplaces, shopping centers, houses of worship, and schools. 

GCC partners recognized this challenge several years ago, and recently pulled together the funding, location, and programming needed to provide driver education to all community members. The South Sioux Library is now host to a computerized driver simulator that allows members of the community to learn to drive in a safe, free environment. The simulator can even simulate weather changes and different types of vehicles. 

Northwest Community College’s driver education programs provides additional instruction to those who need it, and community members can reserve drive times by contacting the library.

SSC Library NE nebrasa Community College

GCC and its partners work closely with law enforcement officers to foster positive relationships with community members of all ages on both sides of the river. ​They both support community-building events


In an effort to better-inform our community’s most vulnerable residents, GCC partners developed several methods to get current information to the community, including multilingual newscasts available via podcast and an electronic messaging system with TVs at key sites accessible to residents who are likely to miss key information: English language learners, those without internet connectivity, individuals with mental health challenges or other disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness. The information is similar to GCC’s Hot Topics and can be updated instantaneously.

SFS Safety Data

The Vision

Educational partners work closely with the business community to ensure tomorrow’s workforce is prepared for tomorrow’s economy. Barriers to children learning are removed.

Data-Driven Community Planning

Source For Siouxland collects, organizes, and shares Educational data that GCC’s partners and Focus Groups use to establish community priorities, align efforts, and implement strategies that will achieve our shared vision and improve our community data.


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